Sunday, December 18, 2011

Red currant jelly sputum

Sputum consists of mucus and other material originating from the airways that is expectorated through the mouth.
In pneumonia which is generally defined as lung inflammation, there is a response of the lung(s) to harmful agents such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and so on.
The non-motile bacterium Klebsiella pneumoniae can result in sputum tinged with blood giving it a look not unlike red currant jelly – red currant jelly sputum.
Underlying conditions such as diabetes mellitus, alcohol misuse, long standing lung disease, etc. predispose to Klebsiella pneumonia.
Clinical manifestations of pneumonia include a cough, feeling lethargic, having a hot body, difficulty breathing, sputum production, chest pain, etc. Treatment for pneumonia usually includes antibiotics.
Johnson AL, Hampson DF, Hampson NB. Sputum color: potential implications for clinical practice. Respir Care, 2008 53(4):450-4. Go to reference

Symptoms of pneumonia, Klebsiella pneumoniae

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