Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Red currant jelly stool

In intussusception, a condition more common in children, a proximal segment of intestine (the intussusceptum) prolapses abnormally into the lumen of the adjacent distal intestine (the intussuscipiens) in a manner akin to a segment of a telescope prolapsing into another segment. This prolapse of the intestine may result in bleeding and discharge of mucus into the bowel. The stool passed may consist of blood admixed with mucus, which resembles red currant jelly in appearance – red currant jelly stool.
Caution is advised because red currant jelly stool may also be a manifestation of dysentery, an intestinal disorder that at times involves passing bloody mucoid diarrhea.
Toso C et al: Intussusception as a cause of bowel obstruction in adults. Swiss Med Wkly, 2005 135(5-6):87–90. Go to reference


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