Sunday, November 4, 2012

Salt and pepper retinopathy

Salt and pepper retinopathy refers to tiny light specks (hypopigmentation) interspersed among tiny dark specks (hyperpigmentation) that may be seen in those affected by the rubella virus when the eye’s back (retina) is viewed using special equipment.
These specks resemble salt and pepper in appearance – salt and pepper retinopathy. Besides rubella virus infection, syphilis and the toxic effects of some drugs can produce salt and pepper retinopathy. Salt and pepper retinopathy normally does not affect vision.
Vaccination of both males and females against the rubella virus helps prevent harmful effects of the rubella virus on the baby such as blindness, deafness, heart defects and other dreadful manifestations of the congenital rubella syndrome.
Please see also the celery-stick sign (click here).
Damasceno N, Damasceno E, Souza E. Acquired unilateral rubella retinopathy in adult. Clin Ophthalmol, 2011 5:3-4. Go to reference
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