Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Almond shaped ovaries

Breast development, hip widening, fat deposition around the buttocks and thighs as well as the appearance of the other secondary sexual characteristics depend on estrogens – female sex hormones – elaborated by the paired ovaries found within the pelvis. Besides producing estrogens, the ovaries in young adult women which resemble almonds in shape and in size, are the site of egg (ovum) development and release.
At birth, females have about 1 million eggs (ova) in their ovaries; no new eggs are formed thereafter. At about the time of puberty (a transition period leading to the ability to reproduce) the number of ova will have diminished to about 300 000 and by menopause (permanent stoppage of menstrual periods at the variable age about 50 years) no active eggs exist in the ovaries. In contrast, men release (ejaculate) at once an average of about 300 million sperms after several days of abstinence. Furthermore men continue producing sperms into old age.
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 Female internal reproductive organs

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